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HiπŸ‘‹! I am a final year Advanced Computer Science MSc student at πŸŽ“University of Oxford. This is a place where I (will hopefully) write about topics I find interesting. I plan to write about my personal projects and learning experiences, as well as some random tech topics.
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Theory of the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem [Part 2]

πŸ“…May 24, 2021 | β˜•οΈ25 minutes read
🏷️#algorithms 🏷️#proof 🏷️#theorem 🏷️#theory

In this blog post, I will expand the theory developed in the Theory of the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem [Part 1]. I will focus mostly on the relationships between cuts and cycles which turns out to be a powerful way to analyse and even develop MST algorithms. We will analyse a perhaps (in)famous minimum spanning tree algorithm using the theory developed in the post. The last section is about the analysis of the oldest known minimum spanning tree algorithm.
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Theory of the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem [Part 1]

πŸ“…December 30, 2020 | β˜•οΈ25 minutes read
🏷️#algorithms 🏷️#proof 🏷️#theorem 🏷️#theory

In this blog post, I will discuss the inner structure and some theoretical results behind the minimum spanning tree problem in the context of undirected graphs. Firstly, we define a spanning subgraph and a minimum spanning subgraph. After proving some results regarding the structure of the minimum spanning tree problem, we develop two famous algorithms - Prim's algorithm and Kruskal's algorithm using the inner structure of the problem discussed in results proved before.
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Writing a compiler for Cool Programming Language

πŸ“…August 15, 2020 | β˜•οΈ20 minutes read
🏷️#algorithms 🏷️#bison 🏷️#c 🏷️#c++ 🏷️#code-generator 🏷️#flex 🏷️#formal-languages 🏷️#lexer 🏷️#parser 🏷️#type-checking

A few weeks ago, I have completed a Stanford Compilers MOOC. After almost two months of learning, I have managed to complete all coursework assignments which were implementing a 'real' compiler in several phases. In the end, it was relatively easy to assemble them into a complete compiler - a topic of this post.
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Writing a console calculator using Haskell

πŸ“…August 08, 2020 | β˜•οΈ15 minutes read
🏷️#algorithms 🏷️#calculator 🏷️#expression-tree 🏷️#formal-languages 🏷️#functional-programming 🏷️#haskell 🏷️#lexer 🏷️#parser

Recently, I have been exploring the interesting world of compiling techniques and formal languages. During the last two months, I have encountered many classes of formal language grammars and I have decided to dedicate a bit of time to one of the classical examples of context-free grammars - arithmetic expression grammar.
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Context-aware image resizing with seam carving

πŸ“…June 15, 2020 | β˜•οΈ20 minutes read
🏷️#algorithms 🏷️#convolution 🏷️#image-processing 🏷️#python 🏷️#research-paper-implementation 🏷️#seam-carving

Seam carving, known also as liquid rescaling, is an algorithm for 'content-aware' image resizing. Main idea is to resize an image (and thus reduce the image size) by removing only the least noticeable pixels and thus preserving the image context. I have seen this algorithm in the algorithms course at the University and I have decided to explore it to a greater extent.
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